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1501 Ways to Reward Employees


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1501 Ways to Reward Employees is a great resource for low-to-no-cost day-to-day ways to reward employees. The books consisted of two parts. Part 1 covers the reasoning behind and explains the need for employee recognition. He makes a case for employee recognition by stating you must first get to know your employees. The central premise of the book is to provide personalized recognitions tailored to the person. A one-size-fits-all approach is discouraged. The author convincingly, and with data, shows that modern employees are not merely looking for a bonus or even working for money. More and more, employees seek meaningful employment and loyalty to a person instead of corporate commitment. With that premise, part two of the book discusses Day-to-Day recognitions and larger recognitions, like employee of the quarter awards.

The book provides hundreds of low-to-no cost ways to reward employees. Among our favorites are saying thank you during a team meeting and sending a thank you email and CCing the entire team. However, using those recognition pieces first, without first getting to know the team members, can be disastrous. While there are many people that long for outward praise and recognition, some do not.

Through it all, the central theme is getting to know your employees. Once you know them, then you can use the ideas in the book to deliver meaningful recognition. This book is a must-have for any leader.



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Book details: ISBN – 978-0-7611-6878-2; pages – 580; publisher – Workman Publishing Company, Inc.; published – 2012

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