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Balancing Individual and Organizational Values: Walking the Tightrope to Success



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Balancing Individual and Organizational Values, while written specifically for Organizational Development (OD) professionals, many of the aspects addressed in the book can be directly applied to coaching. Notably, Balancing Individual and Organizational Values describe how to meet the needs of employees and organizations by serving the mutual interests of both. Specifically, values are the key to balancing. Individual values are the driving force of human motivation and are essential to long-term personal and business success. Therefore, walking the tightrope by establishing balance is critical skill managers and supervisors in the new worldwide economy.

The book provides powerful tools and instruments to help coaches, supervisors, and managers assess individual values and organizational values. Consequently, once evaluated, leaders can find balance and encourage personal mastery and increased productivity. Ultimately, a major theme of the book is one-on-one coaching is the most powerful and fast way to move your team or employees to greater organizational success by leveraging the power of individual values.

The book is well-written, easy to follow. The assessments are simple to administer and powerful in scope. All in all, the book distills down the importance of values and provides assessments to leverage their power in the workplace.



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Book details: ISBN – 0-7879-5720-8; pages – 241; publisher – Josey-Bass/Pfeiffer; published – 2002

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