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Lead Like Jesus – Revisited


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The book contains lessons that are very applicable for primary and intermediate leadership students and business leaders. The book is heavily devoted to Christian leadership principles and is very well laid out as to its flow and explanations. Additionally, at the end of every chapter, the authors pause and reflect section. These reflections allow you to think about what you read and determine how you will apply the information in your life and boost your leadership style toolkit.

The book explains how Jesus led his followers by providing a compelling mission statement and vision, how he engaged his followers where they were, not where he was. More importantly, the book discusses the requirement for leaders to exercise grace, forgiveness, encouragement, and a sense of community with followers.

Scripture use was easy to understand and emphasized the author’s points. The use of acronyms in Lead Like Jesus for recollection purposes was not overdone and not too cliché. Overall, this book was an easy read that was full of information regarding the life and teachings of Jesus and how he used the Situational Leadership model with his followers.



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Book details: ISBN – 978-0-7180-7725-9; pages – 294; publisher – W Publishing Group; published – 2016

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