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The Leadership Challenge: How to Make Extraordinary Things Happen in Organizations – 6th ed


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The authors discuss five practices leaders should engage in to be an exemplary leader. The leadership challenge practices are simple to understand, yet powerful in application. The book is well-written and clear to understand. At times, as in many leadership books, the information tends to feel overwhelming. However, the authors do a great job of distilling the information to make it doable.

Each of the five practices listed in the Leadership Challenge have several sub-items the leader should take to reach the ultimate method. The book lays out each of the five steps and ten sub-steps with ease. This book is excellent for a new leader, or a leader that desires to gain a few more tools in the toolkit to make their leadership better.



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Book details: ISBN – 978-1-119-27896-2; pages – 313; publisher – John Wiley & Sons, Inc.; published – 2017

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