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Organizational Culture and Leadership 5th Ed



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Organizational Culture and Leadership describes how to help leaders and managers understand the current organizational culture and make desired changes. Specifically, the book provides an overview of the major organizational culture theories and provides pros and cons of each. The book provides many examples of successful and unsuccessful corporate culture change projects. Additionally, there are two additional chapters in the fifth edition analyzing the difficulties of stable culture analysis and the national macro-culture implications.

The book provides powerful analytical insights into each of the major culture theories. As one of the first books on organizational culture, this book sets the standard of excellence for all to come. This book helps leaders manage cultural change by explaining what culture is, how it begins, thrives, and dies with poor leadership. Additionally, an in-depth study reveals the leadership styles needed to manage successful culture change. As leaders learn to initiate change through their leadership style, change is faster, easier, and long-lasting.

The book is well-written, sometimes easy to follow, and often delves into the psyche of fear as it relates to change. Interestingly, the book outlines the stages of fear and provides steps leaders should take to alleviate employees change fears. By combining leadership styles with current organizational change theory, leaders can make smooth change transitions.



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Book details: ISBN – 978-1-119-21204-1; pages – 384; publisher – John Wiley & Sons, Inc.; published – 2017

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